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I’ve been a Creative in Digital Communications for the past 20 years & I’m lucky, as I’ve worked with some amazingly talented people, I built my own Digital Agency over 12 years leading to it’s acquisition by the Cordovan Advertising Group, I love what I do and there’s something new to learn everyday.

I’m never happier than when I’m working within a great team, I’ve a knack of building highly creative & fun working environments, that instil innovation & teamwork with client engagement, whilst never losing sight of the business objectives, to manage CAPEX & increase ROI.

I’ve been called the Digital Creative Director / Head of Digital / Digital Communications Director (and without doubt I’ve been called a few other things too!), but no matter which hat I’m wearing, I’m a creative at heart and I live & breath digital, I’m always looking for what’s next and I understand that engagement starts with visceral user experiences from the outset. If you’d like to know more, please get in touch


Skills: Creative Direction, Inspiring & Motivating Staff, Team Player, Developing Teams, Future & Trend Watching, UI User Interface Design, UX User Experience, Mobile / Tablet Applications, Senior Level Liaison, Online, Digital, Experiential Live Events, Social Media, Branding Alignment & Strategies, Project / Production Management, Data Visualisation, Digital Media, Multichannel Marketing, B2B, B2C, Information Architecture.

Sectors: Consumer, Corporate, Entertainment, Financial, Government, Healthcare, Military.

People Say The Nicest of Things

  • Wow. Wow. Wow. Thanks for your selfless contributions… Thanks, for everything

    Seth Godin, International Best Selling Author
  • What more can I say, the new site is incredible… Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

    Heidi Gracie, Senior Marketing Manager, Burger King
  • He put a huge amount of time & energy into helping us turn a great concept into a working product, creating an innovative solution that will serve us & our clients well. We experienced a partnership approach from start to finish.

    Brendan Dineen, Director 2012 Games
  • The new branding and web campaign have produced an impressive increase in audience traffic and we’ve been inundated with positive comments!

    Simon Toulson, Secretary General, International Canoe Federation
  • He’s managed over £20m of my creative budgets, he’s become one of the industry’s best craftsmen & been a tremendous creative partner. He’s entirely reliable & the glue that holds the team together

    Nigel Oakes, CEO, Strategic Communication Laboratories
  • Brendan is a creative talent with a solid business understating, he constantly impressed with his exceptional vision, creativity, market knowledge and insight… His enthusiasm & passion rubbed off on those working along-side him, all of whom had the greatest respect for him

    Alex Monaghan, Managing Director Quintiles (Innovex Medical Communications)
  • Brendan is highly thoughtful & exceptionally creative, he has a special talent to translate complex information into something easily understood. He is very thorough in developing solutions & one of the most talented designers I have worked with

    David Paul, Branding & Marketing Director, Cordovan
  • During my entire time as CEO of Orange plc, I have not experienced such creativity, professionalism and excellence in staging a live event with such impressive graphics.

    Hans Snook, Chairman
  • Delivering the largest exhibition stand at an event with over 1,000 exhibitors is quite an undertaking, doing it successfully, requires excellence in delivery. Brendan’s team provided a flawless service throughout the 7 days of the event!

    Jim Boot, Marketing Director, ESAB
  • I can recommend Brendan to anyone looking for a creative that takes ownership from start to the finish.

    Ruud Kooi, COO, Across Health
  • It is always a pleasure to work with Brendan, and his team. They are up to date with all advances in the digital world, and provide us with excellent implementation of ideas.

    Angie Franklin, Managing Director, Chameleon Medical Communications


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